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Spot hire - short term rentals from as little as 1 day!

  • Flexibility to meet temporary or seasonal demands
  • Immediate hire for a replacement vehicle or an unexpected demand
  • Same day service, delivery/collection provisions anywhere in the UK
  • Protection against market/equipment uncertainty
  • Comprehensive maintenance and value added service programmes

Contract hire

  • Tailored equipment to your operating requirements in your own colours on lease constructions from 1 to 10 years
  • Operating leases are fully tax deductible and off balance sheet borrowing improves key financial measurements
  • Budgeting certainty with service flexibility
  • Tank modifications to suit your operational needs
  • Add your livery to your contract hire vehicles

Sale and lease back

  • We will buy the assets owned – at an agreed price, and lease them back at a fixed monthly rental
  • An immediate cash injection into your business and the outsourcing of risk on maintenance and residual value of your tanker fleets
  • More profitable use of resources in core business activity

Re-marketing and tanker disposals

  • We constantly have a selection of high specification tankers for sale
  • Use us to dispose of your older assets
  • If you have older tankers that you want to sell, we will be interested